Product Warranty Policy

Woodpro Cabinetry warrants to the original purchaser a one year warranty.

Policy Overview

When you call us with a product warranty problem our goal is to present you with the best possible solution by determining the nature of the problem as best as we can. We will often order a replacement part to correct the problem and satisfy the warranty. A replacement part can be quickly produced and shipped by a small package carrier and shipped directly to the consumer if requested. In a few cases, the nature of the defect or damage cannot be corrected with a new part(s) and we will have to replace the entire cabinet.

Occasionally we may need to know the build date of the product. You will find this on the product label affixed to each product. The date is an 8-digit code of format YYYYMMDD followed by an internal sequence code. Example 20180904-2 represents a product build date on September 4, 2018.

Authorization Prior to Return

A Return Goods Authorization Form (RGA) must be completed before returning a product. Product returns due to defect or damage must be returned in the original carton and be authorized by a Woodpro representative before they can be returned to Woodpro for inspection. Not all product warranty claims are eligible for product return.

Woodpro Credit for Returns

Upon Woodpro Cabinetry’s receipt of the returned item at our plant, we will inspect and issue a full or partial credit within 7 work days. Do not send a debit memo until you have received the credit memo. We do not accept debit memos without our credit memo.