Woodpro Storage Solutions

Woodpro offers a huge selection of Bathroom Cabinetry Storage Solutions. Whatever your storage needs, from vanities to medicine cabinets to linen cabinets and even small bath storage, Woodpro has the organizational solutions to personalize any bath!

Ashford Collection Vanity Ensemble with storage space in the vanities and linen cabinet.

Lambiere Collection Wall Mount Vanity Ensemble with storage space in the vanity and linen tower.

Heirloom Collection Dresser Vanity Ensemble with storage space in the vanity and linen tower.

Gentry Collection vanity with drawer below sink doors.

Nottingham Collection vanity with drawer below sink doors.

Nottingham Collection vanity with drawer below sink doors.

Open Storage on a Table Vanity gives a modern flair in addition to providing visible storage area for towels, baskets, etc. Ovation Table Vanity.

Pipe Chase Drawer in a Chest Vanity provides maximum storage space around plumbing pipes. Heirloom Chest Vanity shown.

Pull-out Tray Option provies easy roll out access to bottom of vanity storage area. Gentry Collection Wall Mount Ensemble with Pull-Out Tray shown.

Lambiere Collection Wall Mount Vanity with Pull-Out Tray.

Roll Out Hamper Option. The clothes hamper is removable and hidden. Available on Linen Cabinets and Hamper Base Cabinets.

Hair Care Pull-Out Tray Option provides the perfect space to store unsightly electrical cords.

The Hair Care Pull-Out Tray Option.

Pull-Out Tray Option.

Let's face it. Most of us have too much stuff! We need organized ways to "hide" our stuff. Woodpro's Medicine Cabinet Storage is a real solution. You get both a mirror for getting ready in the morning and a place to conceal your much needed cosmetics, medicines and toothbrush. Woodpro's medicine cabinets have adjustable shelves so you can customize to your storage situation.

Surface Mount Medicine Cabinets are mounted flush to your bathroom wall. These are available in widths of 18", 24", 30", 36", 42" and 48". Provides maximum storage space in upper Medicine Cabinet areas

Recessed Medicine Cabinets allow everything but the face of the cabinet to be installed inside your bathroom wall, creating a sleek look. These are available in widths of 16", 21" and 24".

Semi-Recessed Medicine Cabinets inset part of the cabinet depth into your bathroom wall, while still showing a shorter depth and crown molding. These are available in widths of 24", 30", 36" 42" and 48".

Corner Medicine Cabinet is a flush mounted cabinet that provides maximum storage space in corner areas.

Linen Cabinet storage stretches your bathroom storage space from the floor up to 86 1/4" tall. Woodpro's full line of linen cabinet models include choices with drawers, hampers, broom storage and open shelving. Optional pull-out trays are also available.

24" width Linen Cabinet with soft close drawers.

Pull out tray option.

Roll out hamper model.

Open shelf storage.

Utility cabinet with tall bottom door.

Shallow Linen Cabinets in depths of 6", 9" and 12".

Woodpro Counter Wall Cabinets provide fantastic storage space on top of vanities. Counter Wall cabinets are available with wood doors, glass doors, open shelves or drawer models. Linen Towers offer elegant storage for any bathroom. Linen towers are available without legs, with legs or in a wall mount model.

Open Shelves, Wood Doors and Glass Doors are choices for Counter Wall Cabinets.

Linen Towers with legs offer elegant storage solutions. Height is 67".

Linen Towers without legs are 61" in height.

Wall Mount Linen Towers complement wall mount vanities. They are 57 1/8"in height."

There is one space in every bathroom that has room to add storage space - right above the toilet. Woodpro has a couple style choices for this bathroom storage solution. Toilet Toppers which match each collection style, can look traditional, transitional or modern depending on the style choice. The advantage of a Toilet Topper is that the upper area hides what you are storing and a lower open shelf lets you decorate as well.

Floating Shelves also take advantage of the empty space above the toilet. Since they are open shelving, you can showcase attractive toilettes, plants, washcloths or even family photos to display in your own personalized bathroom. Decorative Wall Cabinets with wood doors are also available to mount either above a toilet or anywhere else in your bathroom or laundry room where you need a little extra hidden storage areas.

Toilet Topper with open shelf. Two models: Standard and Large.

Floating Shelves give a modern flair to your bathroom. Contemporary style shown. Also available in traditional crown and Beveled crown styles.

Woodpro offers three types of floating shelves: Contemporary, Beveled and Traditional. Shelves are available in 18", 21", 24", 27", 30", 36", 42" and 48" widths.

Decorative Wall Cabinet.

Need to update that small bathroom or powder room? Or maybe you're taking the leap by dreaming big for a tiny house? Woodpro can help you with your small spaces too! Don't just buy a pedastal sink, which really only offers you water. Get real storage solutions with a vanity or linen cabinet designed for small spaces.

Vanities in 16" depth are available in widths of 18", 21", 24", 27" and 30".

Why would you choose a pedalstal sink when a small vanity provides both storage and surface space?

Pull-out tray options are also available in 16" depth vanities and wall mount vanities.

Wall Mount Vanities are also available in 16" and 18" depths.

Shallow Linen Cabinets in depths of 6", 9", 12", 15" and 18".

Corner Vanity and Medicine Cabinet. Vanity is smaller one door model. Mirrored Cabinet shown without lights. Corner models provide efficient use of space.