Product Care and Cleaning

Product Care

For the first 30 Days:

Treat your cabinetry gently. The catalyzed finish is still curing.

Cleaning your Cabinetry or Bath Furniture:

Dust often. Use a clean, soft cloth and wipe with the grain to remove loose foreign particles from the finish surface. If desired, moisten the cloth with a few drops of water.

Clean occasionally (or as needed) with a damp cloth. Dampen with warm water to remove dirt or spills. Add a little dish soap to the water if needed. For stubborn grime, consider Guardsman Kitchen Cabinet Cleaner.

Polish with caution or don’t polish at all. Catalyzed finish requires no polish. If you choose to polish your cabinetry, look for polish with no silicone. Silicone damages your cabinet’s finish. Guardsman Kitchen Cabinet Polish is safe on your cabinet’s finish.

Additional Care for your Solid Wood Top:

Solid Wood Tops require more care than most bathroom surfaces; this explains why many people use them only in a powder room or guest bathroom and choose Quartz or another durable surface for the main bath. Treat your Wood Top like a dining room table. If water spills on it, don’t panic—but do blot it dry promptly. In addition:

  • Avoid spilling or dripping alcohol, finger nail polish or related materials on the top. Strong chemicals can permanently damage the finish.
  • Protect the surface from heat. Curling irons and other hot items can burn the wood, permanently damaging the wood.
  • Protect the top from items that might scratch it.
  • Remember—never allow wet wash cloths or pools of water to remain on the Wood Top!